How Much Alcohol Should Freelancers Suggest Their Customers Provide?

One of the MOST common questions you will get from your customers: “How much should alcohol should I buy?”..... ..... Followed by the 2nd most common question: “What kind should I get??” Keep in mind, the tastes and moods of attending guests vary WIDELY; even between events of similar size and conditions. If anything, you often will find that guests will unpredictably settle on a favorite drink, leaving the rest of the alcohol virtually untouched, even if you do suggest a reasonable amount! All that to say, there is no bulletproof, iron-clad calculator that I am aware of that will pinpoint, EXACTLY to the bottle, the amount of alcohol you will need to tell your customer to provide. STILL… that doesn’t mean we can’t try!!! Here, I dive into the Drink Supplies Suggestion segment of my Dr. Mix-A-Lot Marketing Pack© to provide you the tools and the know-how to be able to answer those two questions with confidence and appreciable accuracy! NOTE: I am looking for new ways to refine my calculations, so I welcome any feedback any of you can provide! CONSTRUCTIVE feedback only please :) :)

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