Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC does not represent or guarantee in any way that the use of these optional terms creates a binding contract in your situation, and the provision of optional terms does not in any way constitute legal advice or legal document preparation services.  Use of the optional terms provided here is solely at the discretion of the parties to the agreement.




1. Deposit is non-refundable unless otherwise indicated.  Deposit due shall be the equivalent of first hour of service at the standard rate plus all additional services requested prior the date of the event.  PURCHASER agrees to pay deposit due upon RETURNING OF THE SIGNED Agreement.  Please send via PayPal to drmixalot8667@gmail.comBooking time slot is not confirmed until RECEIPT OF DEPOSIT and PROVIDER reserves the right to guarantee time slots only to those who have paid the full deposit.


2. Balance is payable to PROVIDER by cash, check, money order, credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover), and PayPal at the engagement following services provided to the satisfaction of the customer.  PURCHASER agrees to pay a 3% convenience fee for all credit card and Paypal transactions to cover additional expenses incurred by PROVIDER for this option.   


3. Any additional fees incurred during the planning of the event will be added as needed to this contract.  Events exceeding 80 guests are charged $2.00 per hour per 10 extra guests in addition to base pay for core services. Events exceeding 120 guests will require a barback and are charged at a base rate of $15.00 per hour plus $5.00 per hour per10 guests for events exceeding 150 guests.


4. Any additional fees incurred during the event, such as overtime or additional supplies must be paid at the end of the event.



1. Cancellation of the engagement by the PURCHASER for any reason shall forfeit the deposit.  Cancellation of the engagement by the PURCHASER within 24 hours of the date of the event shall also require payment of the balance to the PROVIDER, unless the same act is re-booked by the PURCHASER for a mutually agreeable date within 120 days of the

2. If the PROVIDER or the PURCHASER must cancel the engagement due to extenuating circumstances (ie.  Act of God, "Force Majeure", family emergency, sudden financial catastrophe), this contract shall become null and void, all deposit and balance payments shall be refunded, and both parties shall have no further legal recourse against each other.  PROVIDER retains the right to make the final decision in the matter.



PURCHASER agrees to grant PROVIDER, it representatives and staff the right to take photographs of PURCHASER and people and property in connection with the PURCHASER at the event.  PURCHASER authorizes PROVIDER, its assignees and transferees to copyright, use, and publish the same in print or electronically.  PURCHASER agrees that PROVIDER may use such photographs with or without names and for any lawful purposes such as publicity, illustration, advertising, and web content.



1. All staff of PROVIDER reserves the right to card guests and to refuse service at any event guest is deemed by staff to intoxicated or underage.  Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC reserves the right to close bar service due to underage drinking (under 21), with no refund of money paid.  As per DC Official Code **25-781, MD Code**10-114 and VA Code **4.1-304, all staff of Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC reserves the right to discontinue service to anyone we judge to be visibly intoxicated.


2. Serving alcohol at your event contains certain inherent risks to your guests’ behaviors resulting from diminished inhibitions.  PROVIDER shall not be held liable for property damage, injury, or death that could be construed as a result of consuming alcohol at this event.




Unless otherwise noted, all gratuities and service fees have been included in the total fee.  Additional tips for excellent service are always welcome! They are by no means expected or required.



Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC will waive all fees and charges except the deposit regardless the length of the party if any of the following occurs:

  • Not Dressed to code (Clean shirt, vest, bowtie, tuxedo pants)

  • Missing tools that affects service

  • Arriving more than 30 minutes late (except extenuating circumstances, in which case guest will be notified)

  • Lack of supplies as specified in contract

  • Setup/clean up not to satisfaction of guest

  • Two or more customer complaints