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Fruity Cocktails


FAQ'S for Doc!

How Much Do You Charge?

Standard service fee is $50/hr for up to 80 guests (Gratuity INCLUDED)***. NOTE: Premium Rate of $55/hr applies to events booked within the months of MAY, JUN, SEP, OCT, and DEC due to high demand.

Additional charges apply base on extra services required, but MOST CUSTOMERS GET AT LEAST ONE OF MANY DISCOUNTS!

***Events over 80 will be charged an additional $2.75 per 10 additional guests per hour.  Events 4hrs or less (including setup/cleanup) will be charged a flat $200 fee ($220 during peak demand months). 

Do You Require A Deposit?


Is Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC Insured?

YES! Please note that an additional $10/hr Insurance Premium Charge (Beverage Service hours ONLY) will apply for ALL LOCATIONS WHERE THE VENUE REQUESTS BE NAMED TO COMPANY INSURANCE. Please contact Dr. Mix-A-Lot or the Venue for additional details.

What am I expected to provide?  What supplies will the bartender bring?

The customer is typically expected to provide: Alcohol, Mixers, Bar Area, Ice, Coolers, Fruit Garnishes, and Waste Buckets. 

Alcohol, Ice, Cups, Coolers, Garnishes, and Bar Table can be furnished by bartender at an additional charge

Can You Provide Alcohol?

YES! Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC, in partnership Coasters Liquors can arrange for alcohol to be provided for your event!! Please visit to see the Coasters selection and contact me for more details (***Additional Delivery Fees may apply***)

Can You Provide A Portable Bar?

Yes, we can provide up to 2x six-foot (6') portable table with fine linen.  The cost for this is $35 for 1 table, and $60 for 2 tables

What If I Need Help Planning the Amount Of Supplies I Need?

Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC can provide a consultation for party planning for a $25 service feeThis fee is automatically charged for all weddings over 79 guests and ALL events over 149 guests

How Much Notice Is Needed In Order To Book A Bartender For An Event?

Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC can provide bartenders with at least 16-24hrs notice.  However, ALL EVENT BOOKED WITHIN 72HRS OF THE START TIME OF THE EVENT ARE SUBJECT TO A $25 CONVENIENCE FEE. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

What If I Need More Than One Bartender?

Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC can provide up to 4 Bartenders per event at a cost of $30/hr ($175 minimum).  Additional Charges may apply.  See "Services" Tab for more details

Can You Provide Food Servers Too?

Of course!  All Bartenders have Food Server experience as well, and can double as Food Servers when needed.  Dr. Mix-A-Lot, LLC can provide food servers at a cost of $30/hr ($175 minimum)

What If I Want The Bartender To Make Specialty Or Theme Cocktails For My Event?

Dr. Mix-A-Lot Bartenders can make Specialty Drinks and Cocktails (defined as a drink with 2 or more liquors, or otherwise requires special preparation, ex: Long Island, Margarita, Sex On The Beach, etc.) for an event for an additional $7/hr ($25 Minimum) for unlimited service.  Frozen or Hot Drinks are $10/hr ($30 Minimum)

Do you Provide Discounts for Services?

Yes!  ALL customers with events at least 4hrs (including setup/cleanup) get at AT LEAST ONE of many discounts!! Please contact for me details

Is There a Minimum or Maximum Time Limit I Can Request For A Party?

No.  However there is a Minimum $200 total service charge for parties lasting 4hrs or less (including setup/cleanup)

How Did You Get Into Your Line Of Work?

Owner and Head Bartender, Anton Dawson, bartended part time for two years both full-time and part-time after graduate school for some extra income while looking for work.  After gaining experience in both retail bars and high-class catering, he decided to strike out on his own in freelancing, tapping into his network of experienced and skilled bartenders along the way to help cover our ever-growing number of events.  We have been in business since 2014 and are loving every minute of it!  We're sure you will too!!

Describe The Most Common Types Of Jobs You Do For Your Clients

Everything associated with being a professional and competent bartender including:- Set up and Clean up- Making specialty drinks - Suggesting drinks based on customer preference - Bartending Event Planning - Loading and hauling as needed - Suggestions on providing supplies and keeping track of inventory.

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