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 Congratulations on your decision to become a Freelance Bartender!  Though the journey WILL 

 be totally worth it, starting out your first few months can seem an intimidating and difficult

 task.  Here, you can find handful of resources that I currently use in my own business

 operations to help you along.  These will help you address some of the most important aspects

 of freelancing, including:

  • Attracting and Closing Customer Leads Efficiently

  • Drafting Contracts

  • Tools needed to Run a Successful Freelancing Business

  • Assisting Customers with Alcohol Quantities and Shopping Lists

  • Creative Specialty Drink Lists

  • And Much More!!!

Marketing Templates


This is a collection of templates you can use to introduce yourself to leads, for followup, negotiations, closing on leads and many more.  HUGE time-saver in your marketing efforts!!!

Template Pic.png

Pricing Spreadsheet

The most VITAL part of your bartending business: How much should you really charge your customers. Whether a 20 Guest event needing just bartools to a 300 person event where you need EVERYTHING, this will help you settle on the perfect price to present to your leads.


Drink Supplies Spreadsheet

This is a MUST HAVE Tool to answer that unavoidable question: "How much Alcohol do I need to buy for my event?".  Use this excel sheet to impress your clients with precision quantity calculations to help advise their alcohol purchases!

Caculator Pic.png

Tools Needed (Inventory Checklist)

Here is your one-stop Inventory Checklist to make sure you can handle an event of ANY size.  Use this list to build your bartending arsenal over time!!

Bar Kit Pic.png

Market Pricing Template

This is a simple Excel Spreadsheet to help you determine the optimal base rate at which to offer your services.  Follow the instructions and gather rates from your industry to set the right rate for your business!


Dr. Mix-A-Lot's Big Book of Specialty Drinks!!!

90+ Creative Specialty Cocktail Ideas to wow your customers!! Feel free to print the PDF pages as needed for a convenient menu to provide to your customers at their events

Specailty Cocktails.webp

Customer Agreement Template

This is the contract for that I use to book real live leads.  Includes all the information you need to thoroughly work an event and list your conditions and terms to work with clients

Contract Pic.png

Drink Supplies Shopping List

This serves as the complement to the Drink Supplies Spreadsheet.  Use this to create a neat and convenient shopping list your Customers will love you for!!!

Checklist Pic.png

Business Card Template

This is a template you can use to create your own business cards.  NEVER operate without business cards... you could be missing out on your next event! 

Business Card.png

Independent Contactor Agreement

Use this agreement when working with freelance partners to ensure they operate as Independent Contractors (NOT your employees!) which will be important at Tax Time!

Independent contactor2.jpg

While all of this content is absolutely FREE of charge, Dr. Mix-A-Lot, as a proud member of the GrowthHero Affiliate Program appreciates ANY support your can give when purchasing your bartools.  Click below to satisfy all of your bartending needs!!!
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